This guy had a motorized mini bike stolen from his store, he FLIPS out when he thinks the thief called him to negotiate the bike’s return.

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10 Responses to “Angry Dad Goes MENTAL on Pawn Shop Thief”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Thank you all for the support! Shirts sold out just a moment ago! can’t wait to see you guys wearing these

    • Andrew Foster says:

      Ownage Pranks if I could only give you 30000 thumbs down for being a phony fraud imo

    • No Soul No Throne says:

      There’s some youngsters that come in and out of juvie and live across the street from my pad and apparently one of them is related to my homie…well shiet idk last time, I passed by and jzt glanced for a second a two, Right after those secs. one of them started to say all this bs about his gang…I started laughing because they started surrounding me…So gangster when you got to be with others be beat someone up right? haha well i managed to walk away and go back home and came across the idea of asking you to prank call them and pull off something to go viral since they act tough
      …Me and my boy haven’t really came up with ideas of how to or what to say to prank them ? Like shit idek would you want to fuck with a ese in the head ?? im giving this one all to you bro hmu to let you in on detail to be able to go along!..Fuck shit up ??

    • Jessica Wallace says:

      Hey ownage I would love for you to pull a prank on my sister

    • Christian Eklund says:

      Do a black lady character instead of Tyrone really please. I love beautiful black girls.?? That will be a new character on ownage prank video. Name her a Tanisha Brown please.

    • I love you ? keep up the great work

  2. Where junito part4

  3. Despa Negro says:

    You should make a russian accent

  4. dick

  5. This DS alone is 200 bucks


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