This guy absolutely loses it when he’s accused of hitting someone’s car and driving away, you literally won’t believe how he reacts. Send out this same prank call or over 70 others NOW! –


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    Appreciate all the birthday love today homies, remember to check out my automatic prank calling app and send out some calls! If you get a funny reaction send it in to the ‘hall of fame’ in the app, and who knows, maybe I’ll reach out and continue YOUR prank next 😀 – FREE DOWNLOAD!

  2. Christian Burroughs says:

    who the hell celebrates a birthday at the age of 42? I think that I am 27 but who is honestly keeping track, but seriously age is only contingent to relativity of time… And that being the case, there is no such thing as time, so technically you don’t even have a birthday. #mindblown

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    Happy birthday!

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