The cold weather has been especially brutal in certain parts of the US lately, check out how Wendy’s reacts when I called in acting like a homeless man wanting to get warm inside their restaurant. Request a prank –
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43 Responses to “Homeless Guy BANNED from Wendy’s”

  1. Submersed24 says:

    Wait the first guy was the gm and he talked to her. Why is he saying that wasn’t true?

  2. Cool_ Toast101 says:

    Prank McDonald’s or Burger King PLEASE !!!!!!!

  3. Sam Jackson says:

    Now call up as someone from a local funeral home, with Tyrone’s final words ??

  4. Stormyboyy 22 says:

    Hey ownage, I’ve been watching you for 4 years and every video is like Christmas to me. They crack me up and tick all of the criteria.

  5. Baller on a budget ?? TY Rone.

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