Uncle John, Justin and myself went to the store and tried to sneak as many things as possible into peoples shopping baskets! WITHOUT THEM KNOWING! Sometimes …

10 Responses to “Loading Up Carts Prank!”

  1. mark arney says:

    dont forget lots of testosterone injections. thats the real main ingredient

  2. snowmobileing23 says:

    It would even be funnier if u put tampons and condoms in people’s carts

  3. Austin Leone says:

    The kid at end had gun magazine

  4. livinda blues says:

    was just thinkin the same

  5. Johanna Sanchez says:

    you should take away the carts without them seeing you

  6. kayaksta says:

    hahaha easily impressed. too easily impressed

  7. macintosh311 says:

    Jack Vale has CANKLES

  8. isaachussain3210 says:

    Do more of these lmaooo

  9. ban nilds says:

    they should put the stuff in, when the people are about to check out. 😉

  10. Kevin Menelas says:

    Nice nike socks

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