Mayo Prank(Bigdawstv)

10 Responses to “Mayo Prank (Bigdawstv)”

  1. kdoggydog510 says:

    When you make it big please don’t make a fake video fooling your fans like vitaly

  2. abdal khanation says:

    how big is big dawa as in height

  3. Hrach6969 says:

    Lmfao I was dying u guys are funny AF

  4. bhagat04 says:

    u get a new subscriber….just keep it different frm other pranksters

  5. Alex C. says:

    He’s actually really hot

  6. Thats1epicguy says:

    Rofl at the end

  7. 1mizguy says:

    this guy is the future of youtube

  8. deyaniiraqf says:

    was that mayo?? grosssss

  9. 5aIoOoD says:

    Mayonnaise = Big ass

  10. coasterfanartur says:

    I bet it was yoghurt.

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