The cream at this coffee stand is replaced with a foaming liquid, causing a huge mess when uns…

10 Responses to “Messy and Foamy Coffee”

  1. Is he new ?

  2. Estefania Arenas Antillanca says:

    Niño genial

  3. Beni Daman says:

    mmmm, lil guuurl O_O

  4. Ely Landaverde says:

    That’s not really funny

  5. 裕介 飯田 says:

    cool boy

  6. jalal faisal says:

    that what i was thinking

  7. علي عثمان says:


  8. Vivian Richards says:

    its foam, just Co2, at the max, he will pass out…

  9. Beni Daman says:

    the foam is prophet muhammad?

  10. Beni Daman says:

    prophet muhammad had foam in his brain

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