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10 Responses to “MONEY BAG PRANK w/ TOM GREEN (Youtube Comedy Week)”

  1. monique lozano says:

    I don’t have twitter or Facebook to tell you this but u should have ur own tv show!

  2. Calm Eraa says:

    Dumbass teen is gonna come back & say “sorry I just forgot my shoe..”

  3. Arnold1567 says:

    Ahaha black people, really wanting that shit

  4. MrFury4 says:

    see the teen that did it he did that cause he is a teen and they don’t think before they do stuff but look at the number of blacks to whites that stole the fake cash. Most are black, which proves my point

  5. KandE09123 says:

    It is not about black and white. The man at 1:48 is black and he was honest about it…. How you handle the situation depends on the type of person that YOU are…. That’s it, no black or white, male or female, that doesn’t matter. It’s simple.

  6. Irockmarkdowns says:

    Of course they are, blacks are too dumb to be bankers.

  7. Lina Nguyen says:

    Prank idea – get a broken phone that is the same phone as her phone ,borrow her phone and break the broken phone’s screen and give it to her

  8. SuperPartychannel says:

    Maybe people are commenting on her because she made a huge scene. Made a complete ass out of herself too. Funnier than a guy just taking the money & running.

  9. Cody Phillips says:

    You guys should like have a scare week. Were you just upload a bunch of videos scarying people!

  10. XxBeastNinjaxX says:

    Man what if jeana got viagra and gave it to jesse in some food or something

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