Some of these people actually knew directions to where I was trying to go! THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE NONSENSE VIDEO YET. Please check out my second channe…

10 Responses to “NONSENSE TALKER!”

  1. ThePamelaross says:

    I wonder what people mean when they actually respond to it like they know what it means?

  2. 2smart1210 says:

    Is this in long beach, CA?

  3. Ace Journey says:

    haha love it. Our channel is the Canadian/Indian version of Jack Vale. ‘Stalking People at the Grocery Store” “Eating Loudly Next to People Studying”. Big thanks to Jack Vale for the inspiration.

  4. STR33TK1LLN says:

    jackvale u know pregnant women dont like to be called fat in any why. 100% sure once u left shes was talking to her friend saying how much a jerk u are bla bla

  5. ThePamelaross says:

    jack that was insensitive at 42..

  6. Mantis Toboggan says:


  7. STR33TK1LLN says:

    0:58 wake up uncle john

  8. Tania Hernandez says:

    That guy in the end was hella cute tho lmao

  9. The subtlety of this is too funny.

  10. shrewsnose1 says:


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