I’m Wiping Smudges again, People are Hearing Things and I’m playing Peek-A-Boo with them! Random pranking at Universal Studios and Disneyland! Thanks for wat…

10 Responses to “PRANKING PEOPLE at Theme Parks!”

  1. jocyhoneyboo says:

    3:28 swaag fags

  2. CEE7777777 says:

    this shit was so awkward…

  3. bloodfarts991 says:

    the peeka boo! thing was just plain creepy

  4. TheGTAFan2001 says:

    Lol the voice

  5. degoban says:

    FYI Peekaboo is not international. Every country has its own word.

  6. christopher1332 says:

    Notice how he pranks all the asians

  7. ORENGEcarot says:

    No no no no neva touch

  8. Randall Henson says:

    u sound like marty mcfly

  9. Justin Welch says:

    The talking in people’s ear thing is so hilarious to me, and i don’t know why.

  10. Gabriella Miller says:

    Haha that peek a boo voice was creepy lol

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