The “I Love You” Prank (BigDawsTv)

10 Responses to “The “I Love You” Prank (BigDawsTv)”

  1. EpicHotCheese says:

    This is so uncomfortable to watch

  2. jackofalltrades165 says:

    That’s what makes it funny, asswipe.

  3. Lefty Guns says:

    2:01 the chick on the left is fucking anorexic as fuck

  4. YaWatBruv says:

    Meg griffen at the end

  5. wAnDaBoii says:

    00:07 switching legs will help lol

  6. snapsnapdik says:

    Dude this was the best and greatest feel good prank video.

  7. Andy Garcia says:

    Old Guy: “Must fight these feelings…”

  8. ledninja7 says:

    I think LAHWF does this prank a lot better, but this wasn’t bad.

  9. Mario Koelbel says:

    that’s very similar to a lahwf prank..

  10. Mat Hailu says:


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