All you need is a few creepy crawlies and a beach full of sexy bikini girls for this prank. Then just sit back and enjoy this hilarious prank. This is by far…

20 Responses to “Beach Prank : Scaring Sexy Bikini Girls”

  1. ragmahatta says:

    i haven’t seen any sexy girl yet… total waste of my time

  2. I HATE BETFAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just one question? Where are the sexy bikini girls?

  4. TimElectraa says:

    The title is misleading.

  5. Title says whats good to make views.

  6. Artem Klimov says:

    These are just little crabs, why are people so afraid? Crabs do not attack
    bigger animals and they don’t have any poison.

  7. Chuck Norris says:

    XD so funny

  8. Kourosh Sassanid says:

    sexy???? :O

  9. funnyvideos215 says:

    more fun at funnyvideos215

  10. WorldsFunniestGags says:

    Thanks. Do LIKE it and Share it with your friends.

  11. WorldsFunniestGags says:

    Good going. Hope you enjoyed the prank.

  12. Manoj Dhimal says:

    Nice jokes and time pass

  13. WorldsFunniestGags says:

    Thanks Chuck, appreciate it.

  14. hamzah.a.a.alghamdi a.alghamdi says:

    what i saw gags loughinrg very good

  15. BeingGirLIsAwesome says:

    That was a good prank..!!

  16. The title says.. Scaring “Sexy” Bikini Girls??

  17. SplashyPaws says:

    This was uploaded on my birthday! 😮

  18. Runescape. says:


  19. blandiness says:

    first view

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