You are peacefully peeing and suddenly you realize there is a very sexy girl right besides you in the men’s bathroom and before you know it. She spreads her …

20 Responses to “Girl Peeing in the Mens Bathroom : Worlds Funniest Gags”

  1. WorldsFunniestGags says:
  2. Jean-Jaques Rousseau says:

    All girls should learn to use a urinator like this, it’s technicaly

  3. Third comment !!

  4. hassanen kardas says:

    they think its urine yet they still touch it with their hands

  5. Kristianus Kurnia says:

    that’s scary man

  6. 0_0!

  7. Anna Schluneger says:

    “she” is a guy

  8. this is gut wrenching to watch.

  9. MoonrakerSW says:


  10. Akin Korol says:

    Yok böyle ayaktan işiyen kadın hemde erkekler vc sine?

  11. WorldsFunniestGags says:


  12. انس الصالح says:

    7th comment

  13. They all think its shemale not a girl

  14. WorldsFunniestGags says:


  15. FreeFromWar says:

    This is normal in Thailand

  16. Anna Schluneger says:

    1:10 is she sexy or am i crazy?

  17. 00:54 “Am I in the wrong bathroom again?”

  18. jellytubess says:


  19. Lina Larsoon says:

    Too bad it´s 100 % truth that Women CAN STAND UP PEEING..when i grew up and
    was like 8-11 years i saw ALOT of girls standing they can stand up
    peeing..they are just ignorent as fuck and stupid..

  20. MegaPrincehuman says:

    1)How many girls want to use a urinal
    2) How many girls are masturbating right now?
    3) Was that a female or male? was she really peeing? why not? :P

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