Picture this: Your knee folding on the side it is not meant to fold…
We heard the leg crack across the city !!! Thank god this was just a PRANK.

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7 Responses to “Kid Suffers HORRIFIC Leg Break…”

  1. Tom Gronkowski says:

    Why you have any subscribers beats me

  2. That is the most unnatural looking leg. Can’t believe people actually believed that was his real leg. A kids mannequin leg wrapped in a cast with a sock on would have looked totally natural.

    • I always question whether any of the Just Kidding pranks were real. Some of them look like they could be legit. Others like this, not so much. Sometimes the adults seem to stupid for them to be real.

    • Adam N u know these are fake right?

  3. Evan Ramos says:

    Ped adrawedfcx

  4. Adam Castro says:

    ok now that’s just plain heart stopping

  5. IlOLIVERlI says:


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