Its always great fun when kids perform pranks, unless its not you who has gotten pranked. Watch this hilarious prank and let us know what you feel about it V…

13 Responses to “Kids Running Away SCARE PRANK”

  1. Ooops - Funny Home Videos says:


  2. PrankAttacks says:

    hahaha… real funny prank!!

  3. KidsFunTV says:

    LOL! This was really funny!

  4. Ranjith Ranj says:

    The little girl is adorable <3

  5. TheAnnoyingMoe says:

    fake and gay and boring as fuck

  6. BakaPanda96 says:

    I found the last one who put the little girl on his shoulders just CUTE!!

  7. Millie Robson says:
  8. Treasure Okwu says:

    Hillarious!! XD

  9. Kiiroi Yuno says:

    Good one! :)

  10. eric martinez says:

    Muy bena diversión.gracias

  11. azadi shah says:

    all people kind

  12. Karumi Tao says:

    there are some lazy people that wouldn’t even run for the

  13. WorldsFunniestGags says:

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