It’s no big deal when 2 love birds show affection for each other in public right? IT IS when HE’S 100 years old and SHE’S 30! I wore a Hollywood style, Speci…

10 Responses to “Old Man Making Out”

  1. Johanna Sanchez says:

    i guess so huh lmao 

  2. Savage Tuts says:

    i would suck ur wifes tits

  3. RudeComment says:

    some places you’ll get your ass whooped for doing that, try the Philippines, they like older men.

  4. Cory Wilhelm says:

    Have her wear the mask and see how many reactions you get lol

  5. manuelslp1 says:

    Old women making out prank!!

  6. mwario18 says:

    Ur a fucken pervert @savage tits

  7. Breann4E says:

    Ok you can reply back to this if you want… But I’m not going too. But I will make the suggestion to listen to your parents, all they want is the best for you, and your going to miss them when there gone.

  8. mirandaandgeorge says:

    Yeaaaaaa switch it up!!!!!!!!!

  9. MrPringleMcMuffinMan says:

    Now switch it up with your wife. lol

  10. ZexianBlue says:

    Why a question mark? You are making a statement not asking a question. Yes, my parents did teach me not to call people names, but that was when I was a child. I don’t listen to them now.

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