This tiny dog that’s attached to the van door is pulling the van forward out of the “no parkin…

10 Responses to “Strongest puppy in the WORLD”

  1. Israel Hurndon says:

    LoL look at they faces

  2. RyryYoyo1 says:


  3. Destiny Ann says:

    This was brilliant lol

  4. qwerz222 says:

    Fuck those fake laughters. They laugh for no reason when it’s not even funny

  5. Dijo que tiene ganas de chuparte todas las tetas.

  6. Bombona Dulce says:


  7. Armedrainbow says:

    Look its Super Dog xD

  8. thegrandcommenter says:

    Luv it

  9. aspiringaspie says:

    I imagine they do tell them, they just don’t bother showing it on camera.

  10. Shaamanthha says:

    ooohhhh… en serio jejeje..muchas gracias por la traduccion.. =)

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