I tricked these 2 ladies into thinking the chair they were considering buying was making a farting sound. They decided not to buy it, but then I let them in …

10 Responses to “The Farting Chair”

  1. lMisterMeaner says:

    Not a faggot.

  2. did u see this lol 1:18

  3. iLikePotato3s says:

    they did something like that! search up “elevator farts 1” by jackvale

  4. Chris Ziobro says:


  5. TheDreamGuy85 says:

    how would you know?

  6. James Larson says:

    They need a synthetic smell to go with it. Or just do it for real, whatever humps your camel.

  7. FindingAnatta says:

    This is the most fun you’ve had in a while. Why stop now?

  8. I love the subtitles! Haha!

  9. Chris Ziobro says:


  10. sketchieninja says:

    That one was crap… Poor form

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